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Buying Investing Commercial Property Real Estate Class

Commercial Residential Property Real Estate Course

"A Truly Genuine REAL ESTATE System
That Can Show You How to Make $15,000 or
more a Month in Real Estate Within 3 Months

  • The Residential Real Estate Crash Has Arrived!

    Remember when the bubble burst in the 1990s? The exact same thing has happened again! Its beginnings is here and very noticible in states like Michigan and California, not to mention many others! And why did it happen? The real estate market is cyclical and it just went from peak to decline.

    So now, how are you going to invest in this declining market? If you are "average joe" who has been looking at ways to invest in real estate, you have found that it is becoming one difficult task.

    Its late at night, you flip on the TV and there he is telling you how easy it is to make money in real estate. You have Carleton Sheets, Dolf De Roos and many more who claim there is money in flipping and renting houses. The only problem is they fail to mention that there are certain points within the real estate cycle when you should invest and other times, where it would be taking on a big gamble.

  • So What Aren't the Real Estate Gurus Telling You?

    They failed to mention that residential real estate is cyclical and has a small window within the cycle in which you can make off like a bandit.

    The housing decline is making it rather difficult to rent houses for profit.

    They won’t tell you this, because then, you would not buy their program! And why would they want to tell you this? You are buying their program and making them rich!

    These real estate gurus may know the secrets to making money in real estate but, the point is moot, as their goal is to sell as many books, videos and $3000 seminars as possible, not to tell you something that could take away from their sales!

    So, you are now asking yourself, "Well, if residential real estate is in the decline, what type of real estate should I invest in?"

  • The Answer: Buying Commercial Real Estate is Profitable at Any Point in the Market Cycle!

    A couple years ago, my father told me a story about one of his good friends(Stan), who owned part of a large construction company. I knew him quite well, as I was friends with his son when I was younger. He told me he recently purchased a good sized warehouse for about 1/4 of its value and had been renting out sections of this large warehouse to various businesses.

    Now, you are thinking to yourself, "Oh look, he has the money to buy a large warehouse and how could I afford one?" Well, it cost probably a lot less than you are thinking. Is $200,000 affordable? Far cheaper than even houses in some parts of the country.

    Basically, the company that was selling the warehouse wanted $800,000 and he low balled it and offered them about $240,000. This may sound like a "luck shot", however, it is not an uncommon event to be able to get commerical property for a lot less than the asking price, as the market is wide open and selling a property can take a good deal of time, not counting other reasons such as needing the equity out of the property to purchase another, or someone inheriting it and just wanting to get rid of it (without often even knowing its value), zoning issues, etc.

    They took his offer and since then, he has had multiple businesses rent space from him in the warehouse and he simply would section off the warehouse to the size specifications they needed and would clean up the area, build some walls and presto.

    The amount of profit he was making from renting off sections of this warehouse were grossly high. Something you definitely would not expect. Mutiple thousands more a month in profit than what he was paying on the mortgage.

    And the funny thing is, at the time, he still had MORE THAN HALF of the warehouse empty! How is it he is making so much money and even has potential for more?

    • What I discovered was that commercial property is far more lucrative than residential homes. We are not talking double the profitability, but more like ten times the profitability! It all comes down to looking at the profit risk ratio. Is it worth the potential liability to buy and rent out/flip residential homes in this current declining market, where a $200,000 home may or may not net you $100 bucks? How about a tenant who can not pay? Why risk so much for a $100 a month, when commercial property can give you often ten times the profit? With residential real estate being in decline, it makes it all the more clear commercial real estate is the way to go!

    • So why else is commercial real estate so great, besides the above?

  • Reason One: The Amazing Cash Flow of an Apartment, Multi-Office Or Retail Buildings!

    Buy yourself a standard residential property and you will be lucky to make a little profit, if any. Even if you buy a foreclosure or newly constructed homes, you will have difficulty, knowing that you have a lot of competition now doing the same thing.

    The key is renting, not flipping, as the value of the property is using it as an asset for profit, rather than a commodity to sell.

    However, renting a single home is not worth the risk 95% of the time. You have to look at the figures and consider the best and worst case scenerio and ask yourself, is the potential benefits of the best case worth the risk of the worst case scenerio? And considering the couple hundred you would POSSIBLY make, is it worth the potential liability of it going sour and you loosing your renter or perhaps having to lower your rent a couple hundred in a recession? The goal here is not to pay the mortgage, but to make profit and I find it humorous when people rationalize to the point of thinking, "Well, I am almost paying the mortgage with my new tenant!" Now, how is that a good thing?

    And what about the hassle and the occassional repair? Is it worth that couple hundred bucks a month?

    And ask yourself, "What if I was doing just about the same amount of work, but had a multiple unit apartment building and make a few thousand a month, instead of a couple hundred? Its equivelant to getting a ten-fold salary increase. Just a bit more work, but ten or more times the amount of profit a month!

    Ask yourself this question. Isn't it a no brainer? Of course, you might be thinking, "How could I afford the down payment?"

  • Reason Two: With Almost No Competition in Commercial Real Estate, it Means More Deals for You and a Larger Profit Margin!

    When is the last time you heard one of the "Real Estate Gurus" tell you to buy commercial real estate? Never, right? Its always courses on how to rent and/or flip residential housing. Not one of them ever discusses the profitability of investing in commercial real estate.

    So what happens? Thousand upon thousands of newbie investers decend onto the residential housing market looking to make some quick money. The competition is so thick, you could slice it with a knife. They all just completed reviewing Carlton Sheets or some other guru's real estate course and they are all revved up to buy their first flip or rental.

    OK, lets analyze this.. We have too much competition, many of them being newbies. And what do 'newbies' do? They make mistakes and what if they have not actually thoroughly crunched the numbers? Goodness, I think that makes for an impractical investment scenerio. Competition who don't even know what they are doing makes for less and less profitability in the market.

    There is little to NO competition in buying commercial properties and gives you a wide open field of opportunity. And what I have learned over the last SIX years doing business is to NOT follow the crowd and INSTEAD find the overlooked investing opportunities like this, for there is where real wealth is made! Such opportunities as this are often overlooked, because people at first-glance just ASSUME it is too difficult or not profitable, without actually investigating the manner.

    But, the secret is that is good for me and you. Why? Because that means less competition and our secret is safe as long as other investors continue to be in the dark about commercial real estate!

  • Reason Three: When The Commercial Market Declines, You Still Win!

    As Robert Kiyosaki says, Always make sure that you are going to succeed before you start anything. So that in the worst case or best case scenerio, you win and make profit.

    And this applies quite well with commercial real estate seeing that you win whether the market declines or not!

    Now, lets compare: Lets say you have a single family house and the market drops out underneath you, you can lose 1/4 of your equity in a couple month's time! But, with a commercial property, you will only lose a little equity but, as you will soon see, it will not matter. Why?

    • Because those who rent from you are still paying you the same rent (whether we are talking an apartment or business space).

    • Your mortgage will stay the same. So your monthly cash flow has not changed.

    • And, since you will be able to pay off your mortgage much faster, you are able to borrow against the equity to purchase another building (as you are renting, not flipping). This means that by the time this slump comes around, your equity is already in another property and you did not loose anything!

    • To top it off, you get to very nice tax write-off when you loose equity. So, loosing equity is often something you look forward to when you rent commercial property, because of the tax savings.

  • Reason Four: How to Buy Million Dollar Apartment Buildings / Commercial Units With No Credit or Cash!

    Believe it or not, there are a few ways to get ANY commercial property with NO CREDIT or CASH.

    • Get bank financing: IT IS possible with no money and bad credit! I will explain how to do this exactly.

    • Lease Method: With this one, you make a deal with the owner and lease the property, while getting all the rent money.

    • Seller financing: You make an offer to buy the seller's property, while he finances it. You collect all the rent.

    Why does the above work with commercial properties and not residential?

    The main reason that the three methods above work, is because commercial units are not popular and it is difficult for property owners to sell their property. So, the bank is willing to drop some of their restrictions and the seller is more willing to finance to get their property to sell.

    And why would a commercial building owner want to sell a money-making property? Could be they are just getting out of the business, maybe to get into other types of properties (bigger/more cash flow), management problems, or maybe in the case of office rentals, they were using the property for something else such as their own business and maybe they are moving to a new building or going out of business, etc.

  • The Ultimate Commercial Property Profit Making Secret!

    Here is how a typical commercial deal works:

    1. First, contact the owner of the commercial property.

    2. Then, create a deal with owner (using the resources we provide).

    3. If your deal was setup through the Lease Method or Seller Financing, spend the next month or two putting together a business plan portfolio showing your cash flow strategy.

    4. Next, you would find a bank or broker to apply for a mortgage, showing your business plan. The key is how you put together your cash flow strategy in your business plan and how you present it to the bank or broker. We will give you the tools to do both.

    5. Once you have been approved by the bank or broker, you will get your loan for the commercial unit.

    6. And with the large net cash flow, you can build up equity quickly in the property and then borrow against the equity to make a down payment on a new commercial property.

  • Once You Have The First Property, It Just Gets Easier to Buy More Properties!

    Unlike those other real estate programs where you have to work hard just to get a risky property worth a couple hundred a month and then start the whole process over again, with this system you just focus on getting the first commercial property and then you simply borrow against the equity to obtain the next property and continually repeat the process for each new property you want to invest in.

    Once you have a mortgage for the first property, banks are tripping over their feet to loan you money on most any property you want to finance from that point forward.

  • Believe It or Not, Banks are Not Even Needed For Financing, as You Can Get Credit Through Other Means!

    I know multiple brokers/lenders who do not need money down or credit. They just need the a solid cash flow business plan AND THEY WILL FINANCE THE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY. This means if you can provide the cash flow report, you can get hard cash for the property right away. And the great thing is the property owner will give you his cash flow portfolio before you even buy it, and you can use it as a template for your own cash flow portfolio! So, the bank is not needed and the property is ALL YOURS.

  • A Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow System That Truly Works!

    I put together this package to make it much easier for you to find these great deals with minimal effort. I came up with a package for those who, like me, don't like making lots of cold calls or doing a lot of the leg work. Rather, what I did, was create a letter that would do most of the talking for me and bring the deals to my doorstep. I was able to find the right path, others were overlooking, to which property owners were calling me, instead of vice versa.

    So, instead of cold calls, embarrassing yourself or manipulating, you will have property owners WHO ARE ALREADY INTERESTED calling you!! You will already have their attention and interest, and at most you will be just answering a couple questions about your deal and next thing you know, they are ready to sign on!

  • The Million-Dollar Real Estate Cash Flow System!

    Here are some of the secrets and methods I reveal in my Commercial Real Estate System:

    • Work for potentially only 36 months and have enough income to retire forever!

    • Use hard money lenders for financing, even if you have no money down or credit!

    • Learn to use the power of the letter to bring the commercial real estate deals to your doorstep!

    • Learn how to acheive $25,000 per month in passive income in less than one years time.

    • Start your entire commercial real estate business with less than $600 dollars!

    • Use proven methods and strategies to buy great commercial real estate!

    • Learn the secrets of the top real estate investors!

    • How to work minimal hours per week and still make a killer money in real estate.

    • How to automate many portions of your business, while making residual income and doing what you love (vacations, spending time with your family, having the freedom to do what you want and buy what you want).

  • What is Included?

    Here's what it includes:

    • GUIDE 1: The Complete Commercial Real Estate Step By Step Manual.

    • RESOURCE DIRECTORY: No Down/Bad Credit Lenders (PLUS My Personal Source!)

    • SALES LETTER: The ULTIMATE Letter for Commercial Property Owners

    • FORMS/DOCUMENTATION: All the Forms/Contracts You’ll Ever Need for Your HOT Deals!

    • GUIDE 2: Secret Strategies for Finding Hot Deals

    • SOFTWARE: Number Crunching software you can work the numbers on each and every deal, to make sure it is profitable.

  • Get Started Now With Your Own Successful Commercial Real Estate Business Today!

    Everyday people like you are making $30,000 or more monthly in their real estate businesses. You too could be making this type of money a month within a year or so. The potential is enormous and there are people who have reached even $90,000 a month in passive income. If you just used your spare time to start your commercial real estate business, even $15,000 a month is not too difficult of a goal within a years time!

    With this amazing commercial real estate cash flow strategy, there is no reason why you can not be making $10,000 or more dollars a month. With this complete package, there is no reason for you not to succeed! I want you to truly become successful in commercial real estate and that is why I am giving you all of my most effective, proven real estate investing tools. Take the first step and start your commercial real estate business today!


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